JCOC has a men’s and women’s dorm on our main campus that houses a total of 50 individuals. We operate as an emergency shelter and provide free food, housing, essential cothing and toiletries as well as intensive case management.

Our Housing Focused Case Managers work with these individuals to help them locate permanent housing with the goal of moving from the shelter within 30-90 days.


Our Employment and Life Skills Case Managers work with unemployed individuals to help them locate employment and provides Life Skills classes twice a week on topics such as financial planning, proper nutrition, anger management and more. GED tutoring and Computer Skills trainig are also provided.


Our Kitchen Managers offer 4-week traning through Nationl ServSafe program that allows individuals to receive their Food Handlers Certification. More than 100 of our clients have received this certification since 2012 with many of them obtain employment, raises and promotions. A Managers certification is also offered.


JCOC works closely with rehabilitation services including Virginia Beach Detox Center, Mental Health Services, and The Veterans Administration Medical Center to assure that our clients are properly treated for any disorders that may be an obstacle to their well-being or hinder their progress.


For more information about our Emergency Housing Program, please contact:

Nicole Rountree
Director of Emergency Housing Services

757-491-2846, ext. 109



This is a unique housing program, designed to place homeless participants into permanent housing and provide on-going services for up to two years. The individuals in our program are workinghard to turn their lives around and are in need of a second chance.


  • This program is funded through generous grants from the Hampton Roads Community Foundation, Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development and Virginia Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • JCOC Rapid Rehousing Program has helped participants find permanent housing since its establishment in April 2014.
  • Main goals are to reduce someone’s time in homelessness by quickly securing permanent housing and minimize their return to homelessness by providing the necessary services in permanent housing.
  • Our Housing Stabilization Case Managers reach out to area Landlord’s through cultivation and recruitment to establish affordable housing in Hampton Roads.
  • Financial assistance may be provided to cover moving expenses or subsidize rental costs.
  • In-Home Case Management for up to 24 months to provide services which include budgeting, dinancial literacy and employment assistance.
  • Creating a collective impact in Virginia Beach by collaborating with VOA Lighthouse
  • Our program’s success is based upon regular communication with our clients and program partners and a commitment to following through on our promises.
  • Each person is given 1:1 case management

Services the Program Provides:

  • Financial assistance
  • Rental subsidy
  • Security deposit
  • Utilities arrearage assistance
  • Moving costs

Services the Case Managers Provide:

  • Identify affordable housing
  • Maintain relationship with landlords
  • Negotiate rental amounts
  • Client advocacy
  • Meet with clients in their permanent housing
  • Provide financial literacy
  • Create monthly budget
  • Promote self-sufficiency
  • Help locate/ advocate for necessary resources

Most of our program participants come to us in crisis with a number of barriers and no support system. No one should have to face a crisis alone and everyone deserves a second chance. We provide our participants with the support they need to get back on their feet and live positive, productive and meaningful lives.

For more information about our Rapid Rehousing Program or to learn how you can become a Landlord Partner, contact a member of our Rapid Rehousing Team.

Fatima Tomlin
Senior Housing Stabilization Case Manager
757-491-2846, ext. 105

Gloria Brown
Housing Stabilization Case Manager
757-491-2846, ext. 106

Joshua Klein
Housing Locator
757-491-2846, ext. 110



In 2011, we opened a three-story apartment building on West Lane in Virginia Beach with 14 transitional housing units for homeless veterans and 8 permanent supportive housing units for the chronically homeless with disabilities.

The building is designed to provide a safe environment with individually assigned case managers, on-site house management, and optimal peer support to prevent the possibility of anyone falling through the cracks. The choice of a single location over multiple scattered sites also allows for the centralization of community activities and programs.

The homeless veterans in our Transitional Housing Program can stay with us rent free for up to two years while they work on securing permanent housing. Those in our Permanent Supportive Housing Program can stay with us indefinitely for 30% of their income.

Truly a community effort, the building and these programs have been made possible due to a collaboration between corporate and non-profit agencies, federal, state, and city agencies including the Virginia Beach Department of Housing and Neighborhood Preservation (DHNP); as well as  the vision and courage of the dedicated JCOC board members.


For more information about our Transitional Housing Program, please contact:

Peter Galuffo
Senior Case Manager


For more information about our Permanent Supportive Housing Program, please contact:

Nicole Rountree
Director of Emergency Housing Services 

757-491-2846, ext. 109