Since 1991, we have provided six-month emergency housing for up to 50 individuals at a time through our men’s dorm and women/family dorm, as well as food and essential clothing. In 2011, we opened our West Lane apartment complex with 14 units designated for homeless veterans (to live up to two years rent free through a grant from the Veterans Administration) and eight units for permanent supportive housing for the chronically homeless with disabilities. To date, more than 6,000 individuals and families have found shelter with us.

It’s important to note the emphasis the JCOC places on sobriety and drug-free living. This is a crucial factor in our success and the success of our clients. All clients must pledge to be clean and stay clean to receive our services, and we provide the support necessary to work toward that goal. We believe this is vital to combating the cyclical nature of homelessness: people who aren’t fully functional and ready to face the world eventually return to the streets and make the same mistakes over and over. We are breaking that cycle on a daily basis with the people who come here seeking a fresh start — and never look back.


Emergency Housing

The Judeo-Christian Outreach Center has a men's dorm and a women/family dorm on-site that houses a total of 50 individuals. We operate as an emergency shelter and provide free food, housing, essential clothing and intensive case management for the 6 months they are here.

People in need of housing can call the main office at 757-491-2846. We supply a wide array of free services to aid in the process of moving our residents from here into independent living situations.

Homelessness is often a result of a series of problems including physical or mental disabilities and/or substance addiction. The Judeo-Christian Outreach Center works closely with rehabilitation services including Virginia Beach Detox Center, Mental Health Services, and The Veterans Administration Medical Center to assure that our clients are properly treated for any disorders that may be an obstacle to their well-being or hinder their progress.