On April 5th, JCOC’s Executive Director, Todd Walker, was awarded the prestigious Daniel M. Stone Humanitarian Award by the Virginia Beach Human Rights Commission. Todd exemplifies what it means to be a humanitarian and has worked hard throughout his career to improve the lives of those in need in the communities in which he has faithfully served. JCOC?s Board of Directors, staff, and fellow human rights activists were all in attendance. Special guests, Viola Wellington and Journey, Todd?s mother and daughter also joined him for this memorable occasion.

Todd traveled to Springfield, Ohio on April 20th to accept the Alumni of Distinction Award which recognizes former students in the Springfield City School District who have distinguished themselves through exemplary professional success and/or community service. He also had the opportunity to speak to students at his former school, Springfield High School.

We could not be prouder of the man who has followed God?s calling on his life and encourages others to do the same. Congratulations Todd!

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