Housing Resource Center, Virginia Beach

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – JCOC was selected by the Virginia Beach Department of Housing and Neighborhood Preservation to facilitate the Day Support Center and Shelter Services at the Housing Resource Center (HRC)! Services provided include temporary shelter, housing assistance, laundry and shower facilities, computer resources, and referrals to outside community resources.

What does this mean?

  • JCOC’s Emergency Shelter staff and residents will begin moving to the HRC in late August. One case worker will remain at our existing campus with residents that have employment nearby or are almost ready to transition into permanent housing. I foresee the shelter services being fully moved into the HRC in late November, early December.
  • Every night volunteer groups will continue to serve dinner in our dining hall to those in need.
  • Family Food Box and Food Pantry programs will continue to bless the hungry throughout the week.
  • The administrative offices and Rapid Rehousing team will continue to work out of our existing campus.

Meeting the Need Through Affordable Housing
There is a lack of affordable housing options for low income households in Virginia Beach. JCOC is continuing to prevent homelessness through its feeding programs. In addition, we are making plans to construct a 3-story building on our campus! We will be able to share the architect’s renderings with you soon. A new dining hall, kitchen, pantry area and administrative offices will be on the first floor. Second and third floors will have a total of 38 studio apartments for single men and women.

JCOC’s executive director Todd Walker plans to meet with Virginia Beach’s Planning Council and the City Council this fall. Once we have obtained the needed approvals, it will be time to raise the funds and begin building. We invite you to give today!?

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