JCOC’s Veterans Transitional Housing Program (VTH) was recently ranked 3rd in the United States for having a high success rate of veterans coming into the program and graduating into permanent housing! Having served in the United States Marine Corp., Brian is one of our clients. An underground utility man by trade, he fell on hard times and came to our Winter Shelter this past season.

Brian’s Video Interview – 

Part 1: Brian’s Story
Part 2: Brian’s Story


Brian was grateful to have a warm place to sleep for almost two months during Winter Shelter. He was even more grateful when a bed opened up in the men’s dorm at our Emergency Shelter. Great news came when finding out this former Marine (but we all know, Once a Marine, Always a Marine!) qualified for VTH. Less than two months have passed since Brian moved into JCOC’s apartment building which houses 16 veterans at a time. He shares an apartment with another veteran. Individuals are linked to VA services and receive Housing Focused Case Management services. Eighty-six percent of those who left last fiscal year moved into permanent housing!


Now with housing checked off the list, it was time to find a job. Problem. Brian applied for underground utility work and interviewed at several places, but all of them required him to have a car. Public transportation nor a bicycle were allowed. In came Allison and her husband David. Fully committed to JCOC’s mission, Allison (board member) had asked in late May if JCOC or its clients needed a car. They had a used Ford Expedition, and wanted to donate it to benefit JCOC. Peter knew of Brian’s need, and the connection was made.


Brian’s eyes were shining with happiness when looking at the outside and inside of the newly detailed car. Current inspection sticker and maintained, it was all set for him. “This vehicle means the world. It means freedom, it means another job. It means independence, employment, the whole nine yards,” he said. “It’s my life actually! I’d just like to let them [people reading/watching this] know that JCOC is heaven-sent. It really is. This vehicle is a blessing. Everything they’ve given me is a blessing. It’s just unbelievable the generosity of people.”


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