Noelle began working full-time at a fast food chain almost six years ago. The forty-one-year-old had completed a medical assistant degree, but struggled to find a position in her field. She continued to work full-time, but it became impossible to make ends meet. Noelle did not qualify for SNAP benefits, and health insurance was too expensive. Never mind being able to afford a car. She ended up living in her storage unit, was kicked out, and then sought shelter in a hotel’s unlocked laundry room until being kicked out there too.

Determined to succeed, Noelle showered and got ready in a local recreation center. While still homeless, she was promoted to manager. Thankfully, in January 2018, she learned about and participated in JCOC’s Winter Shelter program. Noelle quickly qualified to be a part of our Rapid Rehousing program, and moved into a new place in March 2019!

JCOC’s Rapid Rehousing team works with area landlords to secure affordable housing options for homeless individuals. Clients receive home based case management services for up to two years. Financial subsidies are given on a case by case basis.

Reflecting over the last year, Noelle shared, “I’m thankful [for JCOC]. I didn’t know how to get out of the cycle. I was working, doing the right thing, but couldn’t get ahead. The Rapid Rehousing program is what I needed.”

Noelle has a dream of working in the medical field and going to school to become a nurse. For now, she is happy to have a sense of security and her own address.

You can help homeless men and women find housing by:

  1. Contacting our Rapid Rehousing team about landlords you know that may be interested in working with us to provide affordable housing options.
  2. Give a financial gift.