#TeamJCOC’s volunteer groups have helped to provide over 15,000 to-go meals since March 16th. Guests also often receive a snack bag with their meal. People like Frank.

Caring. Humble. Compassionate. These three words describe a regular JCOC guest named Frank. He began coming to Community Dinner at least five years ago. Thankful for the meals, Frank began to help our kitchen managers with clean up. While wiping down tables, sweeping, mopping and taking out the garbage, he would share snippets about his life or chuckle about the latest conspiracy theory.

Over 50-years-old, Frank delivers those big water jugs to businesses throughout Hampton Roads. Even with this full time job, he always seems to come up short at the end of the month. The father of five helps his ex-wife with those unexpected expenses the best that he can. Finances became so tight for a while that he slept in his minivan. Over a year ago, he began staying with and caring for an elderly couple who consider him family. The wife recently passed away, but Frank continues to assist the man.

“Financially, the meals and groceries that I get from JCOC make a world of difference,” said Frank. “Nutrition wise, it’s wonderful. People cook better than I do!”

He continued, “I’ve seen over time a lot of people who have been blessed by JCOC. Especially now during COVID-19, people rely on JCOC. A bit of stress comes off their shoulders when they know where they can get some food. Even if they don’t come every day. JCOC shares the Gospel in action.”

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