Support JCOC

One Time Donation

What if the money you spent on a cup of coffee could buy an entire meal for someone in need? What if the $20.00 you planned to spend on your online game could feed a meal to ten people in need? What if the money you could save by dining in one evening could provide a meal to 25 people in need?

Would you do it?

We know that just about everyone is having a difficult time these days and most people know someone that has been hit by this bad economy. But we are asking for just one small act of kindness on behalf of those less fortunate.

You CAN make a difference with your donation.

Monthly Support

The needs of the homeless in our community isn’t just during the winter months; the JCOC responds to appeals for help all year long. Whether it is serving meals in the summer time or providing a safe, warm place for a family to start rebuilding their lives in the dead of winter, the JCOC is here all year, working and serving those in need.

Now, you can stand with the JCOC all year long, every month.

The Judeo-Christian Outreach Center now offers the option to become a monthly supporter. Simply check the “Donate Monthly” box while filling out your donation and your donation will be billed to your credit card each month; you can stop at any time.

Other ways to send:

Donations made out to JCOC can be mailed or hand-delivered to our office located at:

1053 Virginia Beach Blvd
Virginia Beach, VA 23451


Call (757) 491-2846 to provide your CC information