Why Does #TeamJCOC Volunteer?

Lori Zontini

(Food Rescue)

Why Does #TeamJCOC Volunteer?

THANK YOU! National Volunteer Week officially was April 19-25! JCOC celebrates the thousands of men, women, and young people who help us feed the hungry and house the homeless throughout the year.

Volunteer Coordinator Krishna Loya shared, “The foundation of JCOC is set and strong, but it takes many hands working together to continue to build upon that foundation. Volunteers are vital for this reason. The most valuable resource anyone can give is their time, and when it is done in love lives are changed.”

Even though JCOC is on the frontlines continuing to help those in need during the coronavirus, and we certainly miss our volunteers being on campus, their health is a priority. However, it is wonderful to see representatives (less than 10) from Community Meal volunteer groups drop off prepared to-go meals every day!


Did You Know?

  •  In 2019, 75 individual volunteers worked at least 3,666 hours on different tasks/projects, and 117 volunteer groups worked over 9,700 to prepare and serve Community Meals and help in the Food Pantry.
  • So far this year, 50 individual volunteers have worked more than 916 hours, and 115 volunteer groups have worked 2,425 hours in the Food Pantry and Community Meals.
  • 108 groups signed up to prepare and serve at least one Community Meal in 2020.

Find out why #TeamJCOC Volunteers!

Frank Tommaso

 Entrepreneur’s Organization

(Community Dinner Group)

"We love serving at JCOC shelter because being a blessing to someone else is a blessing within itself."

Rickkita Taylor, President & Founder of Sisters Healing Sisters Inc. (Community Dinner Group) Nicole Atkins (l) and Rickkita Taylor (r).

“I love volunteering at JCOC because I love serving God & blessing others!”

Deb Houck, Spring Branch Community Church (Community Dinner Group)

“We enjoy volunteering at JCOC because it is fulfilling to help those in need. We have also made so many great friends.”

Jim & Joyce Wilson (Food Pantry)

"I ♥ my homeless peeps!"

Crys (Clothing Closet)

“I like working at the JCOC because of the people and the love they share!”

John (Food Pantry)

“I love volunteering at JCOC because I believe no one should ever be hungry!”

Monica (Food Pantry)

“Volunteering is not a western or an eastern philosophy it’s a human ideology, an ideology we should all embark upon. Because nothing is greater than giving up your time for a cause.”
-Vaishali Patel, Balakendra of Hampton Roads (Community Dinner Group)
“I love to volunteer because it is a way for me to give back to my community. It gives me a great sense of fulfillment when I make an impact on others."
– Shanta Persaud (Food Pantry)
“The other volunteers are great to work with. It’s good to know you are helping so many families get food they need. Also being available to them, if it's giving an encouraging word; assisting them when they need it; or even praying with them.”
– Vicki Barrick, (Food Pantry)
“I love volunteering at JCOC because a lot food goes in and out of there daily, and it's good to be part of the team that does it to help people.”
– Phil Lienert (Food Pantry & Food Rescue)
“I can't think of a better way of spending time with my friends and seeing the guests come through the line for dinner, or now providing meals to go. We always have a great time, share smiles and laughs with the JCOC guests and look forward to doing it again. Thank you JCOC!”
– Nancy Beckman, Nancy and Friends (Community Meal Rep)